In this week’s episode of Unlock the Code Lisa Magiera shares how children with Autism can benefit from karate and how karate teachers can include special needs children in their classes. Lisa began training in the martial arts in 1995. In 1999 she began teaching Karate and soon found that the practice of teaching was her true passion. With the help of a mentor, Mr. Steve Daley, the executive Director of the National Child Safety organization, radKIDS, Lisa came to understand the idea of teaching “Through the eyes of the child.” Today, she would refer to that as an “Inside out” teaching philosophy. At Bushido Karate Dojo in Casco, Maine, Lisa is joined by her husband Eric, her daughter Jordan and her son, Nick in training and sharing karate with over 200 students annually. It is truly a family business! Lisa is business owner, a teacher, dog lover and an author. She wrote the book, GET UP, Universal Lessons of Martial Arts; available for download or printed copy exclusively from Amazon. You can access her book here: Loved Lisa’s podcast? Subscribe to her channel:

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