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5 Tips for Therapists on Providing Successful Tele-therapy

As therapists quickly scramble to adopt teletherapy as the primary model for delivering educational services such as applied behavior analysis (ABA), speech therapy, occupational therapy and special education instruction, there is understandably a lot of anxiety on parts of both parents and practitioners. There are a lot of questions and concerns as to whether or not it would even work.…

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Becoming an Autism Dad

There is nothing in life more amazing and miraculous than having children. Approximately one eighth of a second after my wife showed me the double blue line on that little white stick, the enormity of what we had done hit me like a freight train into a nitroglycerin plant. The #1 shock in my life was now occurring, I was…

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Why you should let kids with Autism Stim!

Whenever this boy, let’s call him Jack got excited, he always flapped his arms. I was taught to tell him to have quiet hands. Flapping arms is a part of Autism called stimming. As a society, we don’t like when people do it because it is different and different makes us uncomfortable. So, I was taught that to make everyone…

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How to get your child with Autism to clean up his toys

Jessica Leichtweisz shares tips to help children with Autism more successful in cleaning up their toys. Enjoying these videos? Check out my blog where I go into even more depth on topics just like this one. Http://www.hopeeducationservices.com Struggling with potty training your child with Autism. Download a free resource guide at Http://www.autismpottytraining.com Is your child struggling with trying new foods?…

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Michael Barton Bridge the Gap

When I first started working with kids with Autism in 2008, adults with Autism would have been born before 1990. Back then only 1 out of every 10,000 people had Autism. There was no community of adults with Autism. Nobody really knew for sure if adults with Autism could go to work or to school or to college. There were…

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5 "OT Toys" to Help with Fine Motor Scooping Hand Skills

Sometimes when a child has trouble doing things like feeding themselves with a spoon or holding a crayon properly, there is a physical issue that must be addressed by a specialist such as an occupational therapist. They are trained to identify exactly what needs to be corrected and will know what exercises to use adjust. However, many times, there is…

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