Deep Dive 5

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Task List 5 Crash Course

This is the MOST comprehensive BCBA Exam Prep Course available online. It is designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to prepare you for the BCBA® exam. EVERY section is broken down with incredible detail. Concepts are examined in depth and mock questions are provided on EVERY topic so you can learn to apply and not just memorize this content. This course is unlike any of the other courses available online. It won’t give you a bunch of questions that frustrate and confuse you, leave you questioning if you had a correct answer or not or give you a quick over view of concepts without any knowledge of how to apply them on the exam.  When I say deep dive, what I mean is that you will understand every part of the task list well enough to feel confident on your exam. There are over 100 hundred hours of videos in this course and over 1000 mock questions. There is no better course to prepare you for your BCBA exam. So, let’s get started studying together.  I got you. I promise. 

What's Included in Your Course

You Will Get


Section 1: Foundations

Task List A: Philosophical Underpinnings

Task List B:Concepts and Principles

Task List C: Measurement, Data Display, and Interpretation

Task List D: Experimental Design 


Section 2: Applications

Task List E: Ethics

Task List F: Behavior Assessment

Task List G: Behavior-Change Procedures

Task List H: Selecting and Implementing Interventions

Task List I: Personnel Supervision & Management


Section 3: Test Preparation

    Test-Taking Strategies Video

    Mock Exam Breakdown Video

    Reducing Test-Anxiety Video

My Personal Exam Prep Rituals


Over 1000 Mock Questions 

Questions Built Into Every Module to Help You Apply and Not Just Memorize the Content

Mini mock per task list section

2 Full Mocks with detailed explanations and task list sections

The Moment You Have Been Waiting For!


Hey guys!

It’s Jess! When I released the video with my full mock and explanations a couple of weeks ago, I was shocked by how many people were using it to study and reaching out! I am so grateful I can be part of your study journey and all of your amazing comments are why I do what I do. Thank you to everyone who has reached out in gratitude.

What also surprised me is how many people wanted the Deep Dive Course I talked about in the videos.  I simply said it was coming this summer but every day I am getting people reaching out stating they are studying now and want to start it already.

That’s why I decided to open it up in presale. What that means is that you will get the course as I build it! You don’t really need the course finished to get started. You just need something to study every day. At the time I am writing this I have about 10 hours of content upload already and am posting new videos from Sunday- Friday. That means you will always have new content to use.

It’s a big ask to buy a course that’s not even finished so I am giving you a huge discount. The entire course in presale is only $199 dollars. I also get how hard it is to pay for all these study materials so you can get started for just $69 today with my payment plan.  Buying the course will also unlock your access to my Coaching Cohort at a reduced rate. We meet 5 days a week M-F and alternate between 1 PM and 8 PM EST. I have new mocks questions every day that we go over and you can ask me any questions you want. I personally teach that program live every day!

If you are interested in the Cohort you can add that on for $29 a month during checkout. That’s up to 20 hours of live coaching a month with me in a group format on Zoom! That’s less than the gas it costs to walk from your bed to your computer in 2023! I even throw in you first 15 days for free with your purchase so that way you are not charged for both upfront so that isn’t a barrier for you to get started. I want you to succeed and I will do everything I can to help.

I am so excited to start studying with you. The biggest problem with this exam is that they don’t care how much you know. They care if you can apply what you know. You can study all you want and know every definition but if nobody teaches you how to apply these concepts to questions, you will never pass the exam. I get that and that’s why my course is different. There are over 1000 mock questions just embedded into my videos not even counting the full mocks, mini mocks and bonus questions. This course is taught differently than every other course out there. It’s the course I was looking for when I was studying and it’s what you are looking for as well.

See you soon!