Past Events

Ace the Mock

175 questions going over 5th edition Task List along with a recording for the correct answers.


IOA Intensive

Jessica will present on all of the different ways you can calculate IOA and go over multiple exemplars of each with you. This will be a workshop style presentation.  Everyone will calculate all of the types of IOA data together during the event. After the event, you will be provided a PDF with an explanation of how to calculate IOA…


Let’s Get Behavioral Mock

A complete mock with 175 questions to help you with your understanding of the ABA terms and concepts. The cost is $25.

Path 2 Pass Live Mock Event

Come review a full mock with Jessica Leichtweisz LIVE! You will receive your full mock immediately upon access. Complete your mock prior to the event and attend the live event on February 11, 2023 to review the answers with Jessica Leichtweisz. You can purchase this mock even if you can't attend live. The event will be recording and you get…


Get Lucky Mock

This mock has Lucky as a feature star. This mock looks at some of the adventures that Jessica and Lucky had together, while making it fun to learn the aba terms and knowledge. There are currently no videos on this mock.  The mock is sold at the moment just with the questions.

B Intensive

A complete review of the entire B Task List. It is a live recording of Jessica going over the task list. If you struggle with concepts from B, this would be a great course to purchase.