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What is a behavior trap and how do you use it effectively? (ABA Terms and Definitions) (BCBA Exam Prep)

Guest blog post by Dr. Katherine May, Ed.D., BCBA  Behavior traps are powerful contingencies of reinforcement with four defining features: Clients are “baited” with virtually irresistible reinforcers Only a low effort response already in the clients repertoire is needed to enter the trap Interrelated contingencies of reinforcement inside the trap motivate the student to acquire, extend, and maintain targeted skills…

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Behavior Chain and Chaining (ABA terms) (BCBA Exam Prep)

In this brief article, we will define a behavior chain and explore chaining as a teaching procedure. Behavior Chain  A behavior chain is a series of discrete behaviors that are linked together to produce end results. All steps are a discriminative stimulus (sd) for the next behavior in the chain and a conditioned reinforcer for the previous behavior in the…

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