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Response Class v. Behavior Repertoire (ABA Terms Defined) (BCBA Exam Prep)

Response Class v. Behavior Repertoire  Response class and behavior repertoire are two terms that may appear on your board certified applied behavior analysis (BCBA) qualification exam. They are simple yet often overlooked terms.  Response Class Response class refers to all the behaviors that serve the same function. This is regardless of whether they are perceived to be “good” or “bad.” …

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Understanding Baseline Logic and Baseline Data Path Patterns (ABA Terms and Definitions) (BCBA Exam Prep)

Why Conduct Baseline Probes The purpose for conducting baseline probes is to establish a control in an experiment. In order to know whether or not an intervention (independent variable) changed a behavior (dependent variable) you would need a reference as to how often the behavior occurs prior to starting an intervention.   You can learn some other very important things when…

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What is a Contingency Contract? (ABA Terms) (BCBA Exam Prep)

 In this brief blog article, we will define a contingency contract and provide examples.  A contingency contract is a written agreement between two people that specifies a behavior that one person agrees to engage in and a reward that another person agrees to give as a result.  When Should You Use a Contingency Contact? You should use a contingency contract…

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What is a superstitious behavior? (ABA Terms) (BCBA Exam Prep)

A superstitious behavior is developed when a behavior is inadvertently reinforced by a behavior that precedes it. In Skinner’s example, pigeons were provided with non-contingent reinforcement in the form of bird seed every fifteen seconds and they developed idiosyncratic behaviors because they the bird seed inadvertently reinforced whatever behavior the pigeon was engaging in prior to getting the food.  Most…

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