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Response Class v. Behavior Repertoire (ABA Terms Defined) (BCBA Exam Prep)

Response Class v. Behavior Repertoire  Response class and behavior repertoire are two terms that may appear on your board certified applied behavior analysis (BCBA) qualification exam. They are simple yet often overlooked terms.  Response Class Response class refers to all the behaviors that serve the same function. This is regardless of whether they are perceived to be “good” or “bad.” …

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Properties of a Behavior Which Can Be Measured (BCBA Exam Prep)

What is a behavior? A behavior refers to any interaction between an organism and its environment that changes the environment in some way. For example: Clapping your hands, walking, making dinner, ordering a pizza, sleeping, sneezing.  Anything that a dead person could not do is a behavior.  An inanimate object cannot engage in a behavior. For example, a paper blowing…

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Features of Behavior and Behavior Assumptions in ABA

Applied behavior analysts seek to change socially relevant behavior by manipulating the environment to make a behavior occur more or less often.    To do so, applied behavior analysts require two features of a behavior and make two assumptions about a behavior. Features: Behavior is individual In applied behavior analysis (ABA) a feature of behavior is that ALL behavior is individual.…

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Experimental control/ Internal Validity/Confounding Variables (ABA Terms) (BCBA Exam Prep)

Experimental control is the degree to which the same intervention can be shown to have a predictable effect on behavior. The point of experimental control is to demonstrate a functional relationship between a behavior (dependent variable) and intervention (independent variable).  In applied behavior analysis, (ABA) behaviorists are constantly validating that interventions work by analysis and experimentation. If a behavior change…

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Behavior Chain and Chaining (ABA terms) (BCBA Exam Prep)

In this brief article, we will define a behavior chain and explore chaining as a teaching procedure. Behavior Chain  A behavior chain is a series of discrete behaviors that are linked together to produce end results. All steps are a discriminative stimulus (sd) for the next behavior in the chain and a conditioned reinforcer for the previous behavior in the…

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What is a Contingency Contract? (ABA Terms) (BCBA Exam Prep)

 In this brief blog article, we will define a contingency contract and provide examples.  A contingency contract is a written agreement between two people that specifies a behavior that one person agrees to engage in and a reward that another person agrees to give as a result.  When Should You Use a Contingency Contact? You should use a contingency contract…

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