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Response Class v. Behavior Repertoire (ABA Terms Defined) (BCBA Exam Prep)

Response Class v. Behavior Repertoire  Response class and behavior repertoire are two terms that may appear on your board certified applied behavior analysis (BCBA) qualification exam. They are simple yet often overlooked terms.  Response Class Response class refers to all the behaviors that serve the same function. This is regardless of whether they are perceived to be “good” or “bad.” …

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Features of Behavior and Behavior Assumptions in ABA

Applied behavior analysts seek to change socially relevant behavior by manipulating the environment to make a behavior occur more or less often.    To do so, applied behavior analysts require two features of a behavior and make two assumptions about a behavior. Features: Behavior is individual In applied behavior analysis (ABA) a feature of behavior is that ALL behavior is individual.…

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ABA Terms Defined: Automatic Behavior

Did you know that the kids with Autism who benefit the ABA therapy are the ones whose parents have the best understanding of the techniques used by their therapists?. This video is part of a very special series called ABA Terms Defined. It is designed to help parents like you understand the terms your therapist is using so you can…

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