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What's better ABA therapy or verbal behavior therapy?

Parents ask me all the time which is better, ABA therapy or verbal behavior therapy. Jessica explains in this video and the answer may surprise you! Enjoying these videos? Check out my blog where I go into even more depth on topics just like this one. https://hopeeducationservices.com Struggling with potty training your child with Autism. Download a free resource guide…

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What is Echolalia: Why does my child with Autism repeat what I say?

Are you frustrated your child with Autism is repeating you instead of telling you what they want? Children with Autism Spectrum disorder who have language delay often struggle with echolalia. Here is how you can use ABA, Applied Behavior Analysis to understand how to help your Autistic child learn to talk. Disclaimer: This video is intended for information purposes only.…

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How Do I Potty Train My Child With Autism?

If your child is like many of the dozens I have potty trained, you can probably relate to my friend RenĂ©e. Her son is just about to turn four and while most of her friends are carrying around posh new handbags, she is still stuck lugging around a diaper bag! Her son Benjamin has Autism. If you are reading this…

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