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Sequence Effects vs. Multiple Treatment Interference

Guest Blog Post by Dr. Katherine May, Ed.D., BCBA Sequence Effects vs. Multiple Treatment Interference Overview:Sequence effects occur when the effects of an intervention from one condition carry over into the next condition. Sequence effects are typically the result of a multiple treatment reversal design or a B-A-B reversal design. Sequence effects can skew the data in the following condition…

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Automatic Reinforcement

Guest Blog Post by Katherine May, Ed.D., BCBA Automatic Reinforcement: Auto = Self! Automatic reinforcement refers to reinforcement that occurs independent of the social mediation of others. Response products that function as automatic reinforcement are often in the form of a naturally produced sensory consequence that, ‚Äúsound good, looks good, tastes good, smells good, feels good to touch, or the…

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Features of Behavior and Behavior Assumptions in ABA

Applied behavior analysts seek to change socially relevant behavior by manipulating the environment to make a behavior occur more or less often.    To do so, applied behavior analysts require two features of a behavior and make two assumptions about a behavior. Features: Behavior is individual In applied behavior analysis (ABA) a feature of behavior is that ALL behavior is individual.…

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