Tag: Child Development

What is a Language Delay

You sit on the park bench and wave as your child plays in the sand box. Your child smiles back…. Just then a little girl, who looks to be about the same age as your child, comes to the woman sitting next to you and says, “Mommy, I want juice.” You smile politely but secretly, inside it feels as tho…

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Why is Autism a Spectrum?

One of the mostly common questions parents with a child with Autism asks is what it means that Autism is a Spectrum Disorder. Essentially, it means that every child diagnosed with Autism is different. No two children have the exact same interests, strengths or weaknesses. Some children will develop into talented artists and musicians. Some will excel in math while…

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How do ABA therapists Change Behavior?

In this video, we shed light on the techniques ABA use to change behavior. There is a reason that Autism is represented as a puzzle. Knowing how to help your child learn in a way that is respectful to their personal integrity can be challenging. Here at Hope Education Services we will teach you to solve that puzzle.

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