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What are Confounding and Extraneous Variables?

Extraneous variables  Extraneous Variables: Aspects of the environment you CAN control that could affect the outcome of an experiment. (e.g. the time of the session, the lighting in the room (assuming lights work), the temperature in the room (assuming the thermostat works) ect. Confounding variables  Confounding variables: Factors that you CANNOT control that could potentially influence the outcome of an…

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Experimental control/ Internal Validity/Confounding Variables (ABA Terms) (BCBA Exam Prep)

Experimental control is the degree to which the same intervention can be shown to have a predictable effect on behavior. The point of experimental control is to demonstrate a functional relationship between a behavior (dependent variable) and intervention (independent variable).  In applied behavior analysis, (ABA) behaviorists are constantly validating that interventions work by analysis and experimentation. If a behavior change…

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