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The Number One Reason Why Behavior Plans Don’t Work!

Let’s face it.  Most children with Autism have very limited communication.   For some kids, this results in a lot of wanted behaviors — tantrums, crying, hitting, sometimes even self injury.  Whether or this sounds like it applies to you, if your child has an Autism diagnosis, at some point they will likely have a behavior plan to help reduce a…

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Why Does My Child With Autism Have Tantrums for 30 Minutes or More?

Why Does my Child With Autism have Tantrums for 30 Minutes or More? Find out Why and How YOU CAN HELP! For more FREE resources visit https://hopeeducationservices.com Photo: Morguefile Sound effect: Incomputek Intro: Graeme Kan Video Production: Highlander Productions Disclaimer: This video is intended for information purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. The…

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