Task List 5

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Task List 5 Crash Course

Our 5th ed. Task List Crash Course is designed to prepare you for the BCBA® exam. We created the ultimate “Task-List Take-Over” by systematically breaking down the components that comprise the 5th ed. Task. This course is equipped with a vast collection of informational content videos presented by Dr. Katherine May, Ed.D., BCBA and Jessica Leichtweisz, BCBA. This course is pre-recorded for the accessibility of downloading and watching at your own convenience. We tactically tailored the 5th ed. Task List Crash Course to fit comfortably into your own individualized study schedule and routine. The course videos are strategically designed to promote self-paced instruction equipped with data sheets to self-monitor your progress. In addition to the videos, practice exams, and preparation resources are included which are not only informative but also challenging to ensure sufficient preparation for the “real” exam. We are confident that completion of this course and included mock exams and resources will certify that you’re thoroughly prepared for the exam.

“When you come across something interesting, drop everything and study it.”

— B. F. Skinner

What's Included in Your Course

You Will Get


Section 1: Foundations

Task List A: Philosophical Underpinnings

Task List B:Concepts and Principles

Task List C: Measurement, Data Display, and Interpretation

Task List D: Experimental Design 

Section 2: Applications

Task List E: Ethics

Task List F: Behavior Assessment

Task List G: Behavior-Change Procedures

Task List H: Selecting and Implementing Interventions

Task List I: Personnel Supervision & Management

Section 3: Test Preparation

    Test-Taking Strategies Video

    Mock Exam Breakdown Video

    Reducing Test-Anxiety Video


Mini mock per task list section

1 Full Mock with detailed explanations and task list sections

Detailed notes per task list section

Self- monitoring data sheets per task list section

Self- monitoring data sheets per mini mock

Option to register for our low-cost monthly ABA coaching program

(available only to people who purchase the course)

About Jessica and Dr. Katherine

Meet Your Teachers

Jessica Leichtweisz, the founder of Hope Education Services and Dr. Katherine May, the founder of ABA mindset have partnered together to create the most comprehensive Task List 5 Course on the market at a fraction of the cost of similar products. They understand what it’s like to try to juggle family life, a career and studying for this exam on the budget of.a behavior technician and don’t want resources to get in the way of anyone’s success. You will not find a better course or a better deal anywhere.

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Jessica Leichtweisz

Jessica Leichtweisz is the founder and CEO of Hope Education Services. Jessica is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She is well known for her work in the field of Autism. Jessica started a television show Bridge the Gap which played on several public access television stations across the United States. She is best known for her #1 Best Selling Book This is Autism. Jessica is a well known speaker who has spoken on many radio stations, podcasts and conferences. She has been quoted in several major media outlets including The New York Times and Forbes.

Dr. Katherine May

Dr. Katherine May is a BCBA, and is the owner and founder of an educational consulting company, ABA MINDSET, LLC. She worked as a tenured, special education teacher for 7 years. She taught various grade levels, ranging from pre-K to 4th grade. In addition, she worked in the home, clinic and social settings implementing ABA therapy with children with developmental disabilities.

She is inspired to open a school for students with disabilities. She is also very inspired to teach at the university level as a college professor. She would like to guide perspective teachers and behaviorists as they pursue their goals.

What People are Saying


“Where do I even begin..? Finding Katie ABA Mindset, LLC was a God send. The time and dedication that she puts not only into her company to stay ahead of the rest, but into her clients as well, is priceless. Katie individualized my study plan as well as my study/tutoring sessions to truly hone in on solidifying concepts, and filling any gaps in my fluency. Today I can say I’m a BCBA! I slayed the beast with Katie’s knowledge, support system and let’s not forget,her cheerleading skills! With all of that I gained 4 letters and a friend!! Now that’s… “Precisely Lindsley!”

Janeen Cardone

“Hallelujah, my time has come. It’s been a hell of a journey.
Today I passed the beast! My time has come. As a multiple time test taker, I can finally say I’m a BCBA! I owe so much to Katie. I’ve gotten so close to Katie throughout my supervision with her and utilizing all the events Katie has hosted. From cohort, to supervision, to study events and even her YouTube page. Katie is supportive, patient and beyond knowledgeable. Seriously, Katie, if you read this…thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Katlin Queen

Katherine May is unbelievable! She has been a constant cheerleader keeping me focused and helping me prepare for the exam. Her knowledge is sound and her skills are amazing. She is a great teacher and her one on one sessions helped me so much. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me! Please contact her today.”

LaShannon Pinkston