“You are worried about nothing…Your uncle didn’t talk until he was four.”

“You just need to discipline him more…”

“He just needs to go outside and play. When I was a kid we played with rocks and sticks. Kids just sit inside on their iPads now….”

Sound familiar? If you are like many of the families I have worked with, you have probably heard one of the three above phrases by you well intended in laws that are driving you insane.

On top of trying to figure out how to help your kid, you are dealing with explaining and justifying yourself and it’s exhausting…

One parent, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons said that she wishes she could just tell her parent in laws …

“What they don’t understand is that he isn’t a typical child. That the same “discipline” does not work on him. Yelling at him to stop doing things doesn’t have the affect you think it does. That he needs certain things to make his day go smooth. That a toy he has had since a baby isn’t a baby toy but a comfort for him. If he is pushing you away, please back away and give him space. He’s warning you and acknowledging that will keep him.from a meltdown. So much can be avoided if you just pay attention and let him be the child that he is, not child you want him to be.”

but she doesn’t know how to say it nicely… That’s where I can help.

I partnered with autism father and author John D. Richmond to put together a how to guide that will help you understand why Autism is so hard for grandparents to understand. We believe that mutual understanding is the key to a positive relationship.

Grandparents can either be a big burden or a being blessing to an Autism family. If you prefer the later, we’d love to help.

Downloading this free e-book is the first step in healing your relationship.

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“It’s hard for one generation to understand the next under normal circumstances. When you add the stress of understanding children on the spectrum, our grandparents are not equipped to give the support they desperately want to offer. Jessica fixes this problem and allows all generations to work together for the good of the children.”
Chris M.


  • Ralph McDonald
    Posted March 26, 2020 3:04 pm 0Likes

    Jess has such a big servant heart and is a true professional.

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