Dinner time is often one of the most frustrating times for Autism parents.  It may seem like no matter what you do, you can’t get your child to eat.

Did you know that a study done in the U.K. found that 59 percent of children with Autism ate fewer than twenty different types of foods?

This is called food selectivity disorder and it is very common in children with Autism. Having food selectivity disorder is not the same as a child being a picky eater. Children with true food selectivity disorder will typically eat very few foods and foods of only a specific texture, taste or even color. Usually children with food selectivity wind up being underweight and/or malnourished as a result of eating such limited foods.

You have probably tried everything chopping up food finely, pureeing it, buying different brands…. Nothing has worked. He even spit out his milk when you put a supplement in it. You have spent what seems like countless hours and hundreds of dollars preparing food that was thrown on the floor and thrown away.  Even worse as a parent, your doctor says your child is underweight and you don’t know what to do about it.

Seriously – I get it and I can help. I have worked with hundreds of families just like yours and so far, I have gotten every child I work with to try new foods. There is a  researched proven method that is used by behaviorists and feeding clinics that works for even the most challenging eaters.

I have put together a simple plan for you to follow at home and it works. Whether your child is a bit fussy or has significant challenges with eating, this is the best approach to get them to try new foods.

Let’s get started today. Download your free guide so we can get your kid eating,

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“He did it!!!!!! Thank you so much. After two weeks of trying your program, he tried a new food!!! Thank you!! Andy is 10 and has eaten the same food for 6.5 years. He never tried anything else. He used to gag at the food he didn’t like the look of. So, it’s a miracle!!!!”
A Mom from the UK

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