This book has been designed to promote self awareness and self esteem. I can be used by any child but it is geared towards children ages 7 and older who have a diagnosis of high functioning Autism. It is designed to be completed with the help of a parent, teacher, coach or therapist.  


The book is broken into two parts. The first part will provide you insight as a parent as why teaching self esteem is so important for all children but especially children with Autism.  For example…

Did you know, In 2015, a study analyzing Sweden’s Patient Registry showed an Autistic person is 10 times more likely to commit suicide than someone who is neurotypical.

The second section of this book contains a workbook for you to complete with your child. It has questions that are designed to help your child develop more self awareness which is the first step in developing a positive self image. Each question and activity provides an opportunity for a powerful conversation that will result in your child having increased self awareness and increased self esteem.


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