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Automatic Reinforcement

Guest Blog Post by Katherine May, Ed.D., BCBA Automatic Reinforcement: Auto = Self! Automatic reinforcement refers to reinforcement that occurs independent of the social mediation of others. Response products that function as automatic reinforcement are often in the form of a naturally produced sensory consequence that, “sound good, looks good, tastes good, smells good, feels good to touch, or the…

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Direct Instruction

Guest Blog Post Dr. Katherine May, Ed.D., BCBA Direct Instruction: “The Faster We Teach, The More They Learn.” Direct Instruction Explained: Direct instruction was founded by Siegfried Engelman and is a published ABA instructional methodology that believes all children can learn. This teaching methodology is commonly one of the best practices to serve a variety of learners in special and…

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Compound Schedule of Reinforcement

Guest blog post by Dr. Katherine May, Ed.D, BCBA Compound Schedules of Reinforcement: Defined and Applied In Applied Behavior Analysis practitioners can combine two or more basic schedules of reinforcement to form compound schedules of reinforcement. These schedules consist of continuous reinforcement, intermittent schedules of reinforcement, differential reinforcement of various rates of responding and extinction. It is important to note…

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Automatic Reinforcement: ABA Term of the Day

Everyday, I help break down a confusing ABA term and put it in plain English! Whether you are studying for your BCBA exam, explaining ABA to parents or are a student, there is no reason to be so confused over ABA terms. While “behavioral language” is very confusing, these concepts don’t have to be. Today we will break down automatic…

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