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Escape Extinction (BCBA Exam Prep) (ABA Terms Defined)

Everyday, I help break down a confusing ABA term and put it in plain English! Whether you are studying for your BCBA exam, explaining ABA to parents or are a student, there is no reason to be so confused over ABA terms. While “behavioral language” is very confusing, these concepts don’t have to be. Today we will break down escape…

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Understanding an Extinction Burst

Imagine the following scenario. It is is a hot summer day and you have a million errands to do. You have been running back and forth from store to store trying to get home in time to get your child off the bus. You are parched but there is no way you have time for to stop and get an…

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Why Does a Behavior get Worse Before it gets Better?

Often times, shortly after starting a new behavior plan, a behavior can immediately getting much worse. Is this a cause for concern? Watch to find out! A new video will be posted to this series weekly. Subscribe so you do not miss a video and send video requests or questions to Jessica@JessicaLeichtweisz.com Credits: Photo: Morguefile Sound effect: Incomputek Intro: Graeme…

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