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5 Tips for Therapists on Providing Successful Tele-therapy

As therapists quickly scramble to adopt teletherapy as the primary model for delivering educational services such as applied behavior analysis (ABA), speech therapy, occupational therapy and special education instruction, there is understandably a lot of anxiety on parts of both parents and practitioners. There are a lot of questions and concerns as to whether or not it would even work.…

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Becoming an Autism Dad

There is nothing in life more amazing and miraculous than having children. Approximately one eighth of a second after my wife showed me the double blue line on that little white stick, the enormity of what we had done hit me like a freight train into a nitroglycerin plant. The #1 shock in my life was now occurring, I was…

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5 "OT Toys" to Help with Fine Motor Scooping Hand Skills

Sometimes when a child has trouble doing things like feeding themselves with a spoon or holding a crayon properly, there is a physical issue that must be addressed by a specialist such as an occupational therapist. They are trained to identify exactly what needs to be corrected and will know what exercises to use adjust. However, many times, there is…

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What are the verbal operants and why do they matter?

Verbal behavior seems like the newest buzz word in the world of Autism. Parents ask me almost every day what it is and how it is different from applied behavior analysis (ABA). Truthfully, it is usually used interchangeably. Technically speaking though, it is the part of ABA that teaches children how to use language to communicate. Verbal behavior was developed…

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Tips for an Autism Happy Halloween

Halloween is many children’s favorite day of the year. However, for children with Autism it can be more spooky than a treat. They are being forced to communicate with potentially dozens of unknown strangers which can be both challenging and stressful. Children with Autism often like routines, may have sensory preferences that make costumes difficult and may not fully understand…

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