Hi! I am Jess and I am So Glad You Are Here!

Hi, My name is Jessica Leichtwieisz and I am so glad you are here. When you look at me, what you see is that I have studied Autism at the post graduate level and I have 11 years of professional experience working with hundreds of families just like yours.

What you don’t see is that every night after a ten hour work day, instead of watching Netflix, I go home to write blog posts, books and shoot videos just for you because — Autism doesn’t end for your family at 5 o’clock.

So many of my clients have told me that before working with me, they have spent countless dollars on speech therapists, occupational therapists, behavior therapists and more. But when, their therapists went home at 5’ clock, they felt so confused, frustrated and alone. Does that sound like you?

Imagine if you had a clear understanding the techniques you therapists are using so you could implement them when your teachers and therapists are done for the day. How much different would getting on the school bus, dinner and bedtime routine be for your family?

You don’t have to be on this journey alone.

If now sounds like a good time for being a parent to be fun again, let’s talk. I can help.

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  • Being the parent of an autistic child can be a world of helplessness and frustration. Jessica’s easy to follow, common sense videos are a great way for parents to learn how to help their autistic kids develop the skills they will need to cope as adults. Thank you, Jessica!

    Mark Law
    Father of a Son With Autism
  • I am FOREVER grateful for Jessica, she gave me the guidance I needed to start the process of getting services for my son. I know he wouldn’t be where he is today had I not gotten started so early.

    Renée Trask
    Mom of Two Boys With Autism
    Pennsylvania, United States
  • Jessica was a lifesaver to our two young children with ASD. Through intensive one-on-one ABA therapy at a young age Jessica helped them blossom into happy intelligent older children with good friends. I would thoroughly recommend Jessica as an autism therapist.

    Diana Gordon
    Mother of a 2 Children With Autism
    New Zealand
  • “Jessica’s book is so easy to read and understand and I really feel like I can implement the guidelines she gives. After seeing her videos and reading her book, it’s as if I can hear her voice because that is how passionate she is about ABA.”

    Laura Collins
    Special Needs Teaching Assistant
    New Jersey, United States
  • Jessica is as compassionate as she is Passionate about this Platform for Autism! She has a genuine love for people and helping educate others.

    Lisa Long
    Grandmother of a Child with Autism
    Florida, United States

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